Renault Zoe Battery Lease Information

Renault Zoe Battery Lease Information
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Almost all the Renault Zoes for sale in the UK come with the battery lease arrangement. This was brought in by Renault to make the car an affordable purchase. Renault Zoes without battery leases do exist but are typically at least £5000 more expensive than the leased models. If you are paying the basic battery rental of £49 per month, you are looking at 100 months of ownership before the cost levels out. In this time, the leased car will have it’s battery health guaranteed continuously, and the car will be provided with ongoing 24/7 breakdown cover. Not to mention the fact that depreciation predictions would say that you will lose a lot more value in a battery owned model.


As for the costs of the battery lease, this is mileage dependent. It starts at £49 per month for a 4500 annual mileage and increases from there. On the table below: you can find the prices for our 22kWh Zoes and the bottom line for our 40kWh Zoes.



The excess mileage charge for going over your specified mileage is only 8p per mile so it is normally more cost efficient to go for the lower mileage bracket if you are between mileages. Please also note that Renault RCI Finance are normally quite happy to adjust mileage terms within the contract period if your circumstances change.

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