Driving an Electric Car

Driving an Electric Car
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One of our biggest questions when looking for our first EV was, “How does an EV drive?” We take a look at what is different about driving an electric car, and the many ways living with an EV can improve your driving enjoyment

Quiet, Peaceful Motoring

The first thing you’ll notice when you start your EV is the lack of fuss. No noise, no vibrations, maybe just the background hum of the heating system. This peaceful environment continues as you drive. With no revving engine, you find that your journeys become much less tiring and enjoyable. You can hold a conversation without raising your voice and at low speeds, you will notice how much clearer you can hear the sounds outside. At first, the quietness can feel odd as we are so used to engine noise. We promise that after a week living with your EV, you will never want to go back to the rattling of your old engine

No more gears

All the electric cars we sell come without a gearbox. This not only eliminates the need for the clutch, it also creates an extremely smooth drive. Even with an automatic gearbox in an internal combustion engined car; there are still gears. With an EV there is just one long gear from zero to top speed. This provides an incredibly smooth driving experience with effortless, continuous acceleration.

Fast, smooth performance

To put it simply, electric cars are fast! The fastest accelerating cars in the world are EVs. It is easy to talk of Teslas doing 0-60 in 2.4 seconds but in reality, all electric cars seem really quick in the real world. Even a Renault Zoe or Nissan Leaf will feel incredibly nippy when you jump out of a petrol car. Maximum power is available all of the time, whereas a petrol/diesel engine needs to be at the optimum revs to produce peak power. This means that accelerating as hard as you can in an EV simply produces quiet, effective acceleration without any revving or effort. Lot’s of day to day situations require a quick burst of power; pulling out of junctions, overtaking a bike etc. All of these are a lot easier in an EV.

No Petrol Stations

As we discuss in our articles on electric car charging and EV running costs; most EV charging is performed at home. This frees up all the time previously spent queuing up for fuel at a petrol station. After a little while with your EV, you will find it super inconvenient if you have to fill up a conventional car. Most people think of charging an EV as a hassle, however the honest reality is that it saves you time and effort. In most cases, charging simply takes 10 seconds when you get home to plug the car in.

Winter warmth

One of our favourite features of an EV is knowing that we never need to scrape a windscreen again. Almost all electric cars come with the option to preheat the car before you get in for the morning drive.


You will be the envy of your neighbours as your car just quietly defrosts on the driveway whilst you stay toasty and warm inside. The majority of EVs can do this on a timer for regular journeys or using an app for other times. We are happy to discuss this feature with you as it is one of our favourite bonuses of EV driving.

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